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1. Contracting Parties
2. Booking
3. Payment
4. Confirmation
5. Price
6. Withdrawal
7. Security
8. Complaints
9. Personal Data
10. Automatic car registration plate number recognition system
11. Legislation
1.1 The treaty between the supplier JSC “DK investment "and the client is made at a time when the customer books a car parking ticket on the site.
1.2 When the reservations have been approved in accordance with established procedure, the supplier is obliged to reserve a car parking space on the date and time in the ADCParking car parking lot (address: Rodūnios road 3, Vilnius, Lithuania) or VIP ADCParking car parking lot (which is situated near the Vilnius International airport passenger terminal)
1.3 If the uncertainty arise, you can contacts by phone +370 5 2364444, fax +370 616 80051 or e-mail ( info@adcparking.com ).
2.1 The booking is made via website.
2.2 Minimum car lot place booking time is - 1 day.
2.3 The first step in the booking process. Departure and Arrival times and approximate time are being put in. The “Next” link should then be pressed.
2.4 The second step in order. Customer data input:
a)      Customers Name and Surname are being registered.
b)      Car registration plate no. is being put in (because the system automatically captures and allows you to enter the parking lot);
c)      The e-mail address is being registered (the booking confirmation will be sent to this e-mail address )
d)      Press the “book” button.
2.5 The maximum allowable vehicle height is 2 m. 20 cm., Width 2 m. 40 cm. Length 5 m. 30 cm.
3.1. The period for payment is 1 hour. Failure to make the payment within one hour means your reservation will be canceled.
3.2. Payments are made through SEB, Swedbank and DNB banklinks, also with credit cards, PayPal system or Mokėjimai.lt website, which opens in the fifth booking step.
4.1. Booking confirmation with a booking print-out will be sent to the email, that the client provided, within one hour.
4.2. The booking print-out contains this information:
a)      Reservation ID
b)      Reservation date
c)      Reservation place date and time
d)      Price
e)      Payment date
f)       Car registration plate No.
g)      A plan, which will help you to find your place on the parking lot
h)      Explanations, on how to find the parking lot, and how the system works
i)        Car parking lot address and emergency line.
4.3. If the customer park the car without explanations, sended with confirmation, the client accepts full responsibility and additional costs.
5.1. The price depends on the date of the reservation and the period, for which the booking has been made.
5.2. All prices are indicated in EUR including VAT.
6.1. Only Standart Reservation (with possibility of cancellation) can be removed.
6.2. There are no fines of any sort for booking withdrawal.
6.3. After the reservation removal, all off the price paid for the reservation will be refunded after 10 days. B
7.1. ADCParking – is a car parking lot, you are paying for the use of the parking space.
7.2. The supplier does not hold responsibility for the clients car or his property, which is left in the car.
7.3. For the purposes of client and their property safety, camera tracking system is installed in the parking lot. It is being monitored by security workers.
8.1. All of the complaints must be addressed directly to JSC “DK Investicijos”, address: Rodunios kelias st. 3, Vilnius.
9.1. The personal data, provided by the client, will be treated according with rules of current legislation regarding personal information protection.
9.2. The client provided data: Name, Surname, e-mail address, telephone No., car registration plate No., will be used only inside the company, while processing orders.  E-mail address can be used to send special offers.
9.3 Customer agrees to receive different types of reminders, special offers, survey and newsletter by e-mail.
10.1. When you enter the ADCParking car parking lot, cameras detect and recognize your cars registration plate No, and then the system lifts the automated road blocking device. The system works analogically when you leave the parking lot.
10.2. If the automated car registration plate recognition system has failed to recognize your plate No., be sure, that your car plate No, is clean and therefore readable (not covered in dirt or snow).
11.1. Any dispute or controversy concerning this Agreement and / or related to it, which is not solved by negotiation within 30 (thirty) days of the parties demand to fulfill the contractual obligations, shall be resolved in accordance with Republic of Lithuania regulations by the supplier's home office’s address.
11.2 This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
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