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XParking Terms

1. Contracting Parties
2. Order
3. Payment
4. Confirmation
5. Price
6. Cancellation
7. Safety
8. Complaints
9. Personal Data
10. Operation of the automatic license plate recognition system
11. Governing law

1.1 The fixed-term Agreement on the lease of a parking space is entered by and between the Supplier UAB DK investicijos and the Customer, when the Customer makes a reservation and pays for a parking space on the website.
1.2 Once the order has been confirmed according to the established procedure, the Supplier must provide the Customer with the access to the XParking lot (Dariaus ir Girėno g. 71, Vilnius) at the specified dates and times. The Customer can park a vehicle in any parking place that is not occupied or reserved.
1.3 By choosing an economy reservation package or any other service without a refund in case of non-usage, the Customer is aware that the Customer bears the full risk of not using the service, thus confirming that he/she has clearly understood the terms of the reservation selected, as well as the location of the parking lot and the nature of the services described. By choosing any option without cancellation, the Customer is aware that he/she cannot claim a refund for the services not provided, if these have not been used for whatsoever reasons. The Customer understands and accepts this provision.

2. ORDER  
2.1 A fixed-term order of the lease of a parking space is performed online.
2.2 The minimum order term for the lease of a parking space is 24 hours.
2.3 Step one. Choose the arrival and departure dates and the approximate times. Click NEXT.
2.4 Step two. Select one of the options for a fixed-term lease of a parking space.

2.5 Step three. Choose any supplementary services.

2.6 Step four. Enter the Customer details:
a) first name and last name;
b) the vehicle license plate number (enter the exact license plate number, as it will be automatically recognized by the system to grant access to the parking lot);
c) enter the e-mail address (for receipt of the reservation confirmation);
d) click RESERVE.

2.7 Step five. Payment

3.1. The payment for the reservation must be completed within one hour. Otherwise the Customer’s fixed-term reservation of a parking space will be cancelled.
3.2.The accepted payment methods are credit cards, e-banking, PayPal or Paysera online payment (the Customer is forwarded to the relevant website in step five).
4.1. The confirmation of the fixed-term reservation of a parking space is sent to the e-mail referred to in the reservation order within one hour after the payment processing, including the reservation details and the invoice
4.2. The reservation details contain the following information:
a. reservation ID
b.  reservation date
c.  dates and times of the reserved parking space
d.  price
e.  payment date
f.  the vehicle license plate number
g.  the plan of and rout to the parking lot
h.  explanation of the operation of the automatic license plate recognition system
i.   address and hotline of the parking lot. 4.3. The Customer must follow the parking rules and instructions referred to in the reservation confirmation.
4.4. If the Customer disregards the parking instructions referred to in the reservation confirmation, the Customer shall assume the entire liability for such disregarding of the rules and any potential expenses related thereto. 

5.1. The fee of the fixed-term lease of a parking space depends on the duration of the reservation, the parking lot, the date of the reservation, the season and the availability of parking spaces.
5.2.All prices are indicated in euro, including VAT.
6.1. Cancellation of the reservation of the fixed-term lease of a parking space can only be done if the ‘Cancellation Option’ has been selected during the reservation
6.2. The fixed-term reservation of the lease of a parking space can be cancelled not later than within 12 hours before the start of the lease term.
6.3. If the service of the fixed-term lease of a parking space is not used, the reservation fee is only refunded if the reservation has been canceled or withdrawn in due time. No refund is possible for the lease period that has not been used or used completely.
6.4. The reserved fixed lease period of a parking space cannot be split and is considered as an integral lease period.
6.5. No fines are applied for the cancellation of the reservation.
6.6. If the reservation is cancelled and the provision of Clause 6.1 is fulfilled, the total reservation fee is refunded within five working days.
7.1 The Supplier is not liable for vehicles left at the XParking lot because they are not guarded at this site.

8.1. Any complaints shall be submitted directly to UAB DK Investicijos at Rodūnios kelias 3, Vilnius or by e-mail: info@adcparking.com
9.1. The data provided by the Customer will be stored in accordance with the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data
9.2. The data provided by the Customer, namely the first name, last name, e-mail address, phone number, and the vehicle license plate number will only be used inside the company to handle orders. The e-mail address may also be used for sending special offers
9.3. The Customer agrees to receive reminders, special offers, survey questionnaires, and email newsletters.
9.4. The Customer also agrees to receive a feedback link after he/she has used the parking services.
10.1. At the entrance to the XParking lot, cameras record the vehicle license plate number, and the automatic road barrier is lifted. The system operation is analogous at the departure gates
10.2. If the automatic license plate recognition system has failed, make sure the vehicle license plate is clean and free of snow.
11.1. Any dispute arising out of or related to this Agreement which is not settled by negotiation within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of the claim made by one of the Parties regarding the fulfilment of its obligations under this Agreement shall be settled in the manner prescribed by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania at the jurisdiction of the Supplier’s registered business address.
11.2 This Agreement is applicable and must be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
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